Sunday, January 22, 2012

Been Awhile

Hello all - has been a long time since my last confession - oops that is for church.. I mean it has been a long time since my last post.

I am doing well - dealing with allot of graft VS host -

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Month Complete

Hey all,
I have completed a month of Photo peresis and now will be going to every other week and will do that for the next 2 months.

I have noticed some minor changes for the good, but it is still taking awhile and they said it would. Some days my skin is really tight. The treatments make me very sensitive to light for the first 48 hours after a treatment - really bad.

So this week I am off and head back next week to begin month 2.
That's it for now more to come.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More Stuff

Hi All
Well like I said I was going to start blogging again and I should since I have stuff going on with my health from my transplant.

I am currently getting photo paresis at Vanderbilt 2 times a week for a month, which my month is up next week. Then the treatments go to every 2 weeks or every 3 weeks. So I will update when I know which one it will be.

The treatment well it takes about 3 hours on average sometimes longer. Then put a 17 gage needle in your arm and get the IV going into the machine takes the blood into the machine take the white cells and puts the other back in. Then they zap the white cells with UV rays and then put those back in. VERY Sensitive to sunlight for 48 hours after treatment. This treatment has been very affective with Graft VS Host side affects like I am having.
Well hope everyone is trying to stay cool.

Bye for now

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Sunday

Hi All,
Things have been going up and down for me. I am having major chronic GVHD and having to go to Vandy every week for treatments to help. The treatments are Photo pherysis (sp) - every week two times during that week and a treatment takes about 4 hours. They take my blood out with a 17 gage needle - yeah that is a BIG BITCH ! let me tell you .... then once the blood is out in this machine it goes into these honey comb looking things and once they all full they close the lid and zap the blood with UV rays and they put blood back in my body and it will help with my major side affects I am having.

The affects are skin is super tight and getting tighter and keeps pulling and pulling my skin - it hurts and is very uncomfortable. My eyes are also killing me with pain and soreness.

Well that all for now will write more every week again.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

June 2 2011

Hey everyone. It has been awhile.

I am having major Graft Vs Host going on with my skin, eyes, face, back, mouth so I have gone back on some meds and it is helping. Thank god was getting pretty bad skin is so tight makes me hunch over like a 90 year man.

Taylore is officially a senior in High School last year before college...yikes what are we going to do.

Well just tying to get back in the swing of things here to write something everyday.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy 4-20

Hello everyone It has been awhile since I have blogged anything.

A very good family friend since I was 5 years old (maybe yonger) have to ask mom............................ Was diagnosed today with Breast cancer - so She is now going to take the torch and KICK SOME CANCER ASS ! ! !

Mary we are all with you the Landry gang and it's gang and so on and so on - are standing with you to kick some ass. We love you.

Please all support Mary and her fight -

Steve - Peace Out

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


My Baby Girl at her Student concert... She choose to do this. You go Girl

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Day 600

Happy Sunday to all

Sorry I have missed some postings.

I am doing good feeling really good.
Dr appointment last Friday went great - I am tapering off my main Host vs Graft disease drug, which is really good. So in 1 month I will be off it totally - so the big test will be a couple weeks after that to see if I break out in any skins rashes or have problems in my mouth. So will keep everyone updated on that as it comes.

I have a surgery at the end of the month.

Well hope all is well with everyone - Halloween is coming

Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday October 1 Day 591

Well Happy First Day Of October.

Sorry I have not made a post in weeks. Been traveling on the weekends and I don't know I just have not been in the mode. So looks like I am back at least enough to want to keep updating the Blog.

Well I am feeling good - been fighting off a little cold there for a little while - getting better still have little runny nose in morning.

I am also feeling really emotional lately - not sure why some days all good some days - Oh MY ! !

Well Again Sorry for the break in posts.... I think I can get back to jamming with weekly updates for the ones that do still read the words from a crazy Man ! LOL
Well Good Health - Love - Happiness to all

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Day 558

Happy Day to all.

Doing good - Feeling good - was a long week - Sorry missed last weekend post I was in Tampa with My Grandmother was a good trip - short but good.

Headed to ATL for Creed tonight with the Eatons - so going to be long day - take nap here soon and head out.

Hope all is well with everyone.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Day 544

Well Sorry I missed posting Last Sunday - was in Edwards Colorado and it was great - Taylore and I went white water rafting Class IV & V.

Had a great trip to Co - nice and relaxing can't wait to live there it is so beautiful.

I am doing really good feeling good - been having allot of emotional times - not sure why just get all emotional and then it passes.

Got to get back to work tomorrow back to reality - had a wonderful time.

So the CT biopsy they did awhile back came back in conclusive and I have 2nd Dr appointment September 13 to discuss options I think he wants to do another biopsy so we will see.
Going to see my Grandmother this weekeend.

Well Hope all is well with everyone.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Day 530

Happy Sunday all -

Had a good week last week felt pretty good thought a cold was coming along, but doesn't seem to be so bad now.
Played racquetball twice last week so that was good.

Short week this week - Wednesday is my Friday Taylore and I head to Vail CO for a week.

Hope everyone has a good week

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Day 523

Happy Sunday to all.

Happy Birthday to my nephew Seth who's B-day was Friday.

Good Luck to Michele L who is running in the San Fran Marathon today.

I am doing good feeling good was a hard week last week was still tired from the road trip the weekend before.
I have been having allot of anxiety lately not sure why, but trying to keep it under control with meds.
I did play racquetball this past week and it felt good - meant to play yesterday, but I oversleep.

Well it is very HOT HOT HOT here and hope everyone is doing well.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Day

Happy Monday all - Sorry I missed my Normal Sunday Post - I should of from St Louis - we left there yesterday morning around 10:30 AM and got home around 7:30 PM.

Wow what a great weekend with my girls. Me Stacy, Taylore and Carrie (Taylore's good friend)
Chicago was beautiful little crazy they where filming Transformers 3 so part of the Magnificent mile was closed for filming. The Festival was OK - then on to St Louis Saturday - We stayed at the Moonrise Hotel - Way cool Place (we are little old for this place - the top floor 8 was a roof top bar) Was way cool the Concert in St Louis was way better than Chicago and the girls meet the lead singer of Modest Mouse - Unreal - Life Changing for these girls -

Was a hard trip 30 hours for this Old Fart, but Taylore makes it so worth it - IT WAS GREAT.

I am feeling good had today off to chill and get ready to go back to work - headed that way tomorrow yuck.

Hope all has a good week - I have added another wekeend I will never forget - Love you Taylore !

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Day 509

Happy Sunday All -

I am doing really good - feeling really good -

Had Dr appointment on Friday and he said everything is great and my mouth was awesome - so he said see you in 3 months - so my next appointment is October - How Great is that.
I also had the CT and Biopsy's Friday - they didn't give me enough meds to relax me so that sucked - but as soon as I got to the recovery I took my own meds. Important thing is procedure went well and I should have results next week sometime - doesn't really matter that I was so cool with procedure all she asked was I in pain -no I wasn't in pain but I could feel the needle in my back and knew what was going on - RELAX ME PLEASE .

Well short week this week - Headed to Chicago IL for Pitchfork Music on Thursday Taylore and her Friend Carrie should be cool.

Hope everyone has a good week.
Love to All

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday Day 502

Happy 4th of July to All

Felling really good a little tired here and there, but that OK.

Had a good week last week. Short week this week and I head to Nashville this Friday for Dr appointment and a CT with a Biopsy of the mass that is on my liver.
We don't think that it is anything as it has been on scans for a couple years now, but the Dr doesn't want to take any chances.

Got a music road trip coming up so that should be fun.

Hope all has a good fun Safe 4th of July - Love to All

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Day 495

Happy Sunday to All

Happy Birthday to My Dad -

Well things going good here pretty busy work week last week. I am feeling good and moving right along - I slept in big time yesterday morning and this morning too - didn't get up till after 8 am - so maybe I was a little tied and needed the rest so I was OK with it.

Not much else going on not this Friday but next Friday go to Nashville for Dr Appointment. This weekend is 4th of July - no big plans.

Well hope everyone has a good week

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Day 488

Happy Fathers Day to All Fathers

Hope everyone has a good day.

Had a good week last week - feeling good.
Haven't started playing racquetball yet - being teaching Taylore softball - so we have been playing catch.

Well again Happy Fathers Day to ME and all.

Hope everyone has a good week

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Day 481

Happy Sunday to all

Had a good week last week - saw the Urologist in Nashville on Monday. Went very well he wants to do his own CT and a biopsy of the mass on my Kidney - so they scheduled a CT, which he will get the pictures he wants but also will do the biopsy at the same time - this is all set up for my next Dr appointment July 9th.

Going pretty good feeling pretty good. Went by Brookwood Medical yesterday to see a coworker - Stephen Moak who was diagnosed with Cancer 2 Friday's ago - I didn't get to see him as he was sleeping, but I meet his dad and spoke to him - I will go back today to see him.

Hope everyone has a good week.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Day 474

Happy Sunday All

National Cancer Survivor Day / Weekend.

Went to rally yesterday downtown was pretty good - was there first time for cancer rally so was not what I have been used to, but was still pretty cool. I wore my cancer sucks t-shirt and at least 7 people asked me if they could take my picture.

I am feeling pretty good - had a good week last week.

I head to Nashville tomorrow to go see a Urologist so we will see how that goes. Mom and Dad come in town today to go with me - using old BHM as good stopping point headed to Colorado.
So we will do dinner tonight and drive up to Nashville early am

Have a good week all.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Day 467

Happy Memorial Day Weekend -
Give Love and Support to all our Troops serving our country and away from their families - You men and women are Awesome - to do what you do to provide what we have back home in USA.

Had a good week last week feeling pretty good. Eating just fine and getting used to my dentures.

Taylor had her last week of school - Finals - poor thing got Strep Throat - so been in bed last 3 days with a fever - boy I know she feels - hopefully she is better this morning as she has to work today - she will it will be tough day but she will get through it.

Should be a good week

Hope all has a Great Memorial Day Tomorrow and a good week too

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Day 460

Happy Sunday to All

Had a good week last week.
Feeling good - eating good so all is well there. Still a little tied at times, but I am dealing with that.

Taylore is studying her little ass off for finals this week. She is ready for school to be out. She will be working this summer - she is excited about that.

Didn't get out to play racquetball this past week like i wanted - looks like I will need to do it this week.

Hope everyone has a good week.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Day 453

Happy Sunday to All

Had a good week last week. Feeling good too.

When to car dealership yesterday - oh how I hate those places. Was time to turn in Stacy's truck - so we did and she got a Maxima instead of another truck. Very Very Nice. I drove it home - probably only time I get to drive it.

Mouth is doing good need to go to dentist and get them adjusted one more time - since my gums have healed more they are a little loose - can't have loose dentures - makes it hard to eat trust me on that.

Well going to get back playing racquetball this week - give Wednesday a try.
Taylore is on her last week of school classes - then week after next is Exam's - Summer time. She is excited - she has a job for the summer and plans to do volunteer work too - so she is real excited.
Hope all is well with everyone - have a good week.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday Day 446

Happy MOTHERS DAY to all your wonderful Mom's - and also to you not so wonderful Mom's - I hope I don't have any of those that read my Blog, but just in case - It is your Day too.

No all the Mom's I know and that follow the blog are all GOOD MOM's SO Have a Hell of day - It is all about you today.

Last week was a good week. Went to Dr Friday and all GOOD News - I am all clear and still in remission - doing good and looking good the Dr said. They made some changes to my meds so we will make those adjustments. He also said see you in 2 MONTHS - so I don't even have to go back in June - see you in July - So I go on July 9 th - week before my Chicago IL Road Trip with Taylore.

I am feeling good and I think I am going to start playing racquetball again - Dr said I need to get back to exercise so it is time.
Still dealing with the new choppers - as stated before just going to take time and it is and it is getting better.

Have a good week all
Love to All you Mothers Out there.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Day 439

Happy Sunday to All

Had a good week last week - Friday Night went to Memphis to see Beale Street Music Festival - Main Band was Limp BizKit that we saw - it was great. The normal Rain feast that usually happens held off for us and just rained a little mainly to cool us down it was great.

I am feeling pretty good - still dealing with my dentures as I have said before it just taking time to deal with.
I am feeling pretty good - not doing much but work and then I have been doing about 15 - 30 minutes in yard everyday.

Taylor and I start walking in the dogs in neighborhood.

Hope all is well with all

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Day 432

Happy Sunday All

Had a good week last week. Feeling pretty good getting better each day - still haven't gotten back to playing racquetball but am walking at night with Taylore and the dogs so that is good.

The teeth are what they are - still healing gums and getting used to the denture - it is a big change so it takes some time to get used to. Still changing the way I eat - so I deal with that.

Going to be a good week - this weekend going to Memphis on Friday night for Beale Street Music Festival - Me, Stacy, Taylore and her school friend Grace. We are just going for Friday night so we will stay in Olive Branch for the night and head back Saturday Morning.

Hope all is going well with others

Sunday Day 432

Happy Sunday All

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Day 425

Happy Sunday all.

Had a good week last week - feeling OK still getting used to the dentures and still making adjustments. So I am sure this whole thing is going to take me months to get used to.
Feeling pretty good was tired most of the week so was in bed 8 PM every night, but helped get rest. Will probally take it easy this week too.

Had a Garage Sale Yesterday Myself, Stacy, and Taylor - went pretty good got rid of some old stuff and made a little bit of $$.

Should be a quite week this week.

Hope all has a good week.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Day 418

Happy Sunday All

Had a good week last week - had to work Thursday night and Saturday Morning, but everything went well - so nice to have this project done.

Feeling pretty good getting my strength back slowly but surely. Had a adjustment to my Teeth Wednesday so had to have more stitches and making it hard to eat again - they will come out this week and hopefully make final adjustment so I can get back to eating - still struggle with the eating but at least eating.

Should be a good week - like I said with this project done I can start to rock and roll on other stuff.

Hope all have a good week.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday Day 411 - Happy Easter

Happy Sunday all - It is a day of Information the 411
Well I don't really have any, but was just saying.

Well last week was good was back to work and took it very slowly - left work A few days early to make sure I was good to go and got me some more rest.

Well I am still struggling with eating these Dentures take a while to get used to.

Went to Dr in Nashville on Friday every ting is good - all check out OK set for March 7.

Taylor is in Boston this weekend with her Grand Parents - so far the trip has gone great. Taylor is going to see where I grew up today and meet my cousins who still live up there.

Should be good week

Have a good week all

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Day 404

Well Happy Sunday all

Well it was a hell of a week last week - My girls came home Sunday night and I picked them up from the airport - and while doing so I started having a serve pain in my left chest. Stacy drove home - I had no idea what was going on felt like a heart attack - so we called 911.
They took me to the hospital and the long night began for my poor Stacy who just spent 2 days traveling to come home and my mom who was in town to go to that Nashville appointment I had last Monday, which of coarse didn't make. Well it wasn't a heart attack turned out to be pleurisy, which From Mayo clinic "is inflammation of the lining of the lungs and chest (thepleura) that leads to chest pain (usually sharp) when you take a breath or cough. The main symptom of pleurisy is pain - and boy did I have that.
So once I got to to hospital and they doped me up real good I mean real good.
I got out on Wednesday and been basically in bed since then. I just spent a little bit talking to Stacy to get all the details for Monday and Tuesday as I was pretty unclear what went on. BIG TIME LOVE TO My WIFE STACY and my MOM for spending long hours at the hospital.
I am not 100% but certainly better. I still have some antibiotics to finish taken.
Well not sure what this week will be like. I am still on liquid diet and soft foods more from the teeth thing I think than this.

Well hopefully next weeks post will be much less action - if you will.
Have a good week all.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Day 397

Happy Sunday all

Had a pretty good week - I was off - getting 12 teeth pulled and my bottom dentures put in. It hurt but not as bad as I thought it was. Still hurts eating Eggs, Mac & Cheese and drinking Ensure Plus - they are good. I did go to work Friday till about 2 pm - it was nice.

Well Today I am picking up my girls - well not till tonight 7PM ish
My mom be here around 11:45 AM this morning - so we do lunch and a movie.
We will see what the girls want to do for dinner when they get in.
Trip to Nashville is to go to Urologic Surgery Clinic

Love to ALL - Have a good Week

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Day 390

Happy Sunday From Chi Town -
Chicago with my Dad getting ready to go to Black Hawks Game - Was hell getting here sat in BHM airport for 5 hours.

Doing pretty good feeling good finally getting over this cold thing I had going on.
Going to be a rough week getting 10 teeth pulled Tuesday and bottom dentures put in.

Well everyone has a good week.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Day 383

Happy Sunday all

I had a rough week was still feeling little crappy with the cold - got better each day. I still have runny nose, but other than that I am feeling better. I am eating better too.

I am still dealing with my mouth, which has gotten worse since I got sick - not sure if it is cause of that or cause I am tapering off the steroids. Didn't play any racquetball last week - need to get back on to that. Basically been chilling all weekend - even though we got great weather 61 on Saturday and should be 68 today.

Well should be good week - have to drop the girls off at Airport on Friday for the springbreak trip to Belize - they should have a good time. I head to Chicago for the weekend to hang with my Dad and go see a Black hawks game - with the Chicago boys - get to meet OC (Jack O'Callahan) who was a member of the 1980 US hockey team - the Miracle team as they where known for beating Rusia.

New Member of the Family - adopted this 6 year old dog Yellor

Well hope everyone has a good week

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sunday Day 376

Happy Sunday All -

Well first things first -

Results of CT scan - all good

Well had a good week last week - Taylore got her Drivers licence on Tuesday her Birthday and then we went to Atlanta to see Teegan & Sara - it was a great show.
Then Saturday morning comes and I am sick as a dog - didn't get out of bed till 4 PM yesterday - I am feeling a little better now but just got up today 11:45 AM and going to go back to bed too so I hope to be better to make it to work.

Well hope everyone has a good week.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Day 369

Good Morning All

Well we did it - 1 YEAR Anniversary was last Wednesday. Yes I said we cause it was all of us - my family my co-workers my friends - all of us went through this so all of us accomplished this. Again many thanks to all of you for your support - keeps me strong

Was a good week last week. Dr appointment on Friday went well. I had a full day of tests so it was a long day last deal was Bone Marrow biopsy - so my dad drove us back to Birmingham cause I was still a little dopey from the sedation. We meet Stacy and Taylor for a great dinner at olive garden.
The Dr say I have chronic GVHD - that is the mouth stuff I am dealing with - we are going to really work this cream they gave me to use since it has shown improvement in my mouth.
I will get the CT results on Monday so I will do another post to say that they where clean - cause I know it was. I have another appointment in 6 weeks so April 2 I get to skip March. I will probably continue to go to Vandy every 6 -8 weeks till this chronic GVHD is dealt with - I agreed to a study they are doing about chronic GVHD - I have done all the studies they have asked me about - I mean why not if it helps the Dr's and future cancer patients - Y'all know me Heck yeah I am in.

Well hope everyone has a good week - My Little girl Taylore turns SWEET 16 on Tuesday - oh lord growing up too fast.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Day 362

Happy Valentines Day to ALL

Feeling pretty good - just dealing with my mouth, which has gotten better but what I am dealing with now is dry mouth like you wouldn't believe.

Traveled to Dallas last week on business - Had dinner with some good Friends Everett and Norma it was so good to see them. My trip was good; however I did change my flight to come home Wednesday night instead of Thursday - was a good call they got 9" of Snow on Thursday.
We got some some snow on Friday was nice 2-4" and was mostly gone yesterday. They are calling for some tomorrow.

Head to Nashville this Thursday for Dr appointment and 1 Year work up - so I have a CT scan, Lung function test and a bone marrow biopsy so will be long day.
Can you believe it this Wednesday will be ONE year since my transplant - wow where did the time go.

Well hope everyone has a good week.
Love to all

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Day 355

Happy Sunday to All


Well doing OK had a pretty good week last week - was kind of tired a few of the days. Didn't play racquetball either so I hope to get back to that.

Heading to Dallas this week for business meeting with the IT folks at corporate so that should be good.

Not really a hole lot to say this week.

Hope all has a good week.

GO Saints
The colts are going to win but I want the Saints

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Day 348

Happy Sunday to all

Pro Bowl Today

Was a rough week last week from a personal side of things. My Dad's dear friend Buzz pasted away - really tough loss for him - he was a great man and great friend to my Dad - H e will be missed greatly and I know my Dad will miss all those sports talks they used to have.
Also My brother had to put his dog down - good long 14 years they had together, but still very hard.

So on to me I am Feeling good - just the same old same old My mouth.
Had a good week last week very busy at work went to the dentist and that didn't turn out so good my teeth are worse than they where when I last saw him in Sept of last year. This damn dry mouth doesn't do well - so I have allot of work to get done root canal's crowns all that fun stuff.
Played racquetball going pretty good there I get a really good work out, but still only playing short time.
Should be a good week - looking forward to bowling Thursday night with coworkers should be fun.

Hope everyone has a good week.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Day 341

Happy Sunday to all - 4th Sunday of this New Year

Things going very well still dealing with my mouth, but I think it is getting better. Some days are better than others and depends on what food I eat.

Had a good week last week was a short week with MLK day so was busy at work very crazy. I got back to playing Racquetball so that was good - played Wednesday night and Saturday morning.
Had a great day with Taylore yesterday we went to her favorite food place - Moe's and then went to the movies. We saw saving a life - awwwwwww what a great movie - yes it is a tear jerkier she and I both cried during that one.

My sister and 2 sons have made it back to the US so things are little crazy for them I am sure - moving - what a pain, but can you image moving from Australia?

Well looks like another busy week as the first month of 2010 comes to a end - man I think this year is going to fly by too.

Well hope all is well with everyone.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Day 334

Top of the Morning to Everyone - Or No one depends if people still checking out the blog.

Well had a good week last week was kinda crazy at work.

Taylor sprained her ankle so she is wearing a splint, which is a pain in the ass. Enjoying a long weekend with a day off tomorrow.

Finally warmed up to above freezing here so that is nice, been so crazy with the weather here and around the country.

Well not much else going on.

Hope all has a good week

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Day 327

Happy Sunday to all

Was a good week last week just cold cold cold and even more cold and the snow we where supposed to get was a non event barely even dusted.

Dr. Visit on Friday went well - all is good and they said my mouth looks better so looks like on our way to getting that all cleared up. Set up next month Dr visit for Feb 26, which is the year check up - so have CT scan and few other test so will be a pretty full day.

GO Cowboys - finally won a playoff game - the last one the won was in 1996.

Well everyone have a good week

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year - Sunday Day 320

Happy New Year to All - 2010 - Going to be a good Year

Well was a good week last week feeling good. Was very quite at work, but all that will change come Monday - Get this new year rolling in full speed.

New Year's Eve was quite around here - been chilling out watching Bowl games. Made some Beef Jerky yesterday -
Went to Trans Siberian Orchestra last night with Stacy & Taylor it was amazing - we had a really good time.

This week I go to Vandy on Thursday afternoon for Friday Appointments - should be very minor - not sure what we are going to do about my mouth - so will be interesting to see what they want to do. Next Month visit will be much more entailed as it is MY ONE YEAR check up - Can you believe it has almost been 1 year since my transplant - WOW I can't

Well hope everyone had a good Safe New Year's Eve
Everyone have a good week.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Holiday's - Sunday Day 313

Well Happy Holiday's to All - Hope Everyone Had a Wonderful Christmas -
We did - really had a nice quite quality day with Family and spoke to all Remote Family - It was a great day - Sorry it had to end, but like all good days they come to an end - Well the bad days come to an end too - We have been fortunate and haven't had any bad days lately and don't intended to. To those of you who have - it will end and it will get better.

Well had a good week work was slow was little crazy around here trying to get everything ready for the Holiday's.

Well I am in a fantasy football battle with one of my co workers the Corn Gators Vs Buzzman for the Championship - It is going to be a great Match up it could go either way - I guess the positive side is will get trophy either way one for 1st (Champ) or 2nd place if I loose.

This week should be just as slow as last week with New Years Day of Friday. Not much going on - Do have plans to go see the Trans Siberian Orchestra Saturday Jan 2nd - I have to decide if I going to go or let Cathryn have my ticket and go with Stacy and Taylore - I have never seen them, but Stacy has twice and loves them says it is just awesome to watch and hear so tough decision.

Well again Hope everyone had a Wonderful Christamas and Please have a Happy New Year - Be Safe -
Love to All

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Day 306

Happy Sunday all -

So to my Buddy Dan in Philadelphia PA - wow got some snow? 2 Feet - A winter wonderland going on on the East Coast. So a nice White Christmas for ya'll.

Well all is going good here - I think I might be battling my first cold I have had a runny nose and been blowing my nose for days. So I am just hanging out taking it easy - didn't play racquetball yesterday as I woke up feeling crappy. So I am just trying to get rest so I can feel better and not get too much of a cold.

So should be a nice week with Christmas on Friday - Wow - It is already here 2010 here we come - Going to be a great year..

Well Merry Christmas to All and hope everyone has a great Holiday

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Day 299

Happy Sunday to All - Football Game Day - In Nashville

All going good had a good week. Didn't play racquetball at all this week so I need to get back on that to get my exercise. I am Feeling good - the only thing is this darn mouth thing --- hmmm I am not sure if it is getting better - sometimes I do sometimes I don't - so It looks like we going to bump the steroid to clean this up.

So my 18 year old cousin from Australia via Cali is staying with us for awhile. She got a job at Aerie at the Mall so she is excited about that. She heads back to Ca today to take her final exams.

Well hope all is well with all

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Day 292

Happy Sunday to all

Had a good week last week. The Dr Appointment went well normal stuff. My Host Vs Graft in my mouth is very bad though so we have a game plan to address. I had admitted I have not been so diligent with my nighttime cream - so I am making sure I do that every night - I will provide update to Catherine (Nurse) in 2 weeks if mouth is better - if not they going to up my steroid dosage to try to clear up.
When I go to my appointment in January if not better then we have 2 other options to clear up the mouth - both are much more in tailed - one requires 2 trips to a facility in Bethesda MD and the other would require weekly visits to Vandy for a procedure and would be weeks for a couple of months - so these two options are much more involved.
We will see how things go and keep ya'll updated on that.

Going to be a busy week with work - have bunch or training set up and people moves and all kind of stuff.

Hope all is well
Everyone have a good week.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Day 278

Good Sunday Morning all your Buzzman Bloggers - who still blog with me.

Had a real hard week last week was very busy and my team was traveling so I was solo at the office, but it was a good week.

Played racquetball both Wednesday and Saturday - Saturday had some great games I actually played 3 games and got a great cardio work out - I felt OK little winded and just working on getting the endurance back, but it is looking good after that.

Had a great day at the house got allot of stuff done and felt good.

Today is going to be a great day - headed to walmart for a little run then kick back and relax all day.

Happy Thanksgiving to all this Week -
I am headed out Wednesday to head to West Palm Beach to have Thanksgiving with my parents. Then I will head home driving Taylore's car from Fl. Should be home Saturday.
My dad is driving with me so we can take some time to shoot the shit.

Love to all

Hope everyone has a Wonderful Holiday this week - We the Landry Family I know has allot to be Thankful for - and I am sure you all do to in some way

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Day 271

Top of the Morning to All - on this Wonderful Sunday in November.

Made a batch of Beef Jerky yesterday so had a good day mowed the leaves and just had a nice casual Saturday -
Just got the Beef Jerky bagged up in Phase I will make the smaller bags later for the Christmas Party.

Had a good week took Monday, Tuesday off for mental health days and we where off Wednesday for the Holiday. So worked Thursday and Friday which was good. No racquetball this past week with the Holiday and the Jerky making. SO this week we will play.

Well today fixing to head to Walmart for the week and then kick back and watch little football.

Well This Friday Taylor heads to FL to take her cruise with Arwen - So she will be gone over Thanksgiving so our first without our Taylore.

Well everyone have a good week -